16, 17 & 18 JUIN 2023



Meet exhibitors and creators of the 3rd edition of the Epinal Tattoo Show

Like every year, the Epinal Tattoo Show gives you the opportunity to go shopping and discover original designers who will offer you many new features available exclusively at the Epinal Tattoo Convention! Find them on their booth on 14, 15 and 16 June 2019 at the Epinal Congress Centre!

Old Kustom Record offers you many unique objects, hand-painted. Figurines, skulls, skeletons… Like every year, Old Kustom Record is the creator of the Trophies of the Epinal Tattoo Show!

Le Franc curieux allows us to discover various objects from across France and even beyond. You will find insects, beetles to assemble, or already mounted and placed in boxes and boxes.

Creations based on antique objects or furniture. Now Art Kreation makes you discover its current style out of time. A world of rust, wood and bone. Strange sometimes, useful always !

Lucky 7 Supplies is the specialist of equipment for tattooing & graphic arts professionals as well as books and Prints on the world of tattoo.

Based in France Easy Tattoo since 2004, they have been developing body art-specific hygiene and care solutions exclusively for tattoo and piercing studios.

Jewel seller, Body Ethnic offers a wide selection of earrings, piercings and spreaders!

D’encre et D’os it is a graphic designer/illustrator and a silk screen printer who proposes you drawings, paintings and jewelry around the world of rock’n’roll and tattoo.

Candies and lollipops… L’univers du bonbon is here to treat you to your favorite treats!!

Discover the booth of the cabinet de Curiosités Henry, and find articles in the field of taxidermy, osteology, entomology, ancient books, and other curiosities!

Chapitre42 proposes lettering and calligraphy creations on any medium and also realizes your personalized projects.

Cynthia Offishal is the photo model of the Epinal Tattoo Show ! Have him sign his most beautiful pictures or opt for a t-shirt of his brand.

Bulle de douceur is there to make you spend a pleasant time in its relaxing bubble with free-priced back and neck massages.

La HB Tattoo Machine has a character, a soul, a name. It is because it carries within it the original codes of the tattoo. It requires solid experience to be tamed. Then she spins, hums, rattles and expresses herself in a body-to-body with the skin. From the tattoo artist’s claw emerges, by correlation, that of the machine.

ITC specializes in the sale of piercing, tattoo and permanent make-up equipment. You can find on their stand your needles, your inks, your machine, your fancy jewelry, your furniture, and even your hygiene products.

Come and refresh yourself on the booth of Jus’t smooth ! Completely made on site with fresh fruit, discover their range of fruit juices and fresh smoothies.

Come face your greatest fears on the booth of the Maison du Tourments and leave with a glimpse of this brand new kind of horrific amusement park !

Miranille 50 shades of rum reveal the secret agreement between lorraine mirabelle and Madagascar vanilla, the taste of the fruit, the warmth and delicacy of the spices.

Skullture, it is the stand of decoration alternative to Gothic and Baroque styles. Decorative frames, lamps, chandeliers, skulls and other ideal decoration for tattoo studios, gothic shops, alternative shops!

Find your hapiness on the booth of Tattoo Crossover : jewelry, clothing and accessories, for women, men and children!

Vilain Défaut, is the curiosity cabinet that offers unique products but also original creations to order!

Art By Evil offers on these garments entirely original designs, printed on a unique technology of textile printing!

Gazolineshop, it is the specialist of rock accessories!! spreaders, plugs but also wide choice of steel jewelry like death head rings etc..

For all the little ones and the big ones, it’s at QG de la Gourmandise that happens!! Salty or sweet, there’s something for everyone!

The French Croc is here to treat you all on the weekend with its delicious recipes, all inspired by our famous national croque-monsieur!

Cultura offers free entertainment for children from 6 years old!

Hipster Barber Shop, creates the difference by offering a multitude of treatments and services specially designed for men!

World Famous Ink provides professional tattooists with quality products! tattooists, equip yourself on their booth!